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Orthopedics 2


Patients with traumatic, degenerative, and inflammatory joint illnesses can receive a wide range of therapies at Shashwat Hospital. Joint replacement procedures and any treatment for bone disorders fall into this category.Pain is managed utilising pain management approaches, and surgeries are evidence-based. Any treatment, including joint replacement surgeries, is made easier on the patient thanks to the sensitive, aware, patient-centric approach. Pain management, braces, and physiotherapy, as well as surgery, are all options that are suited to your age, condition, and lifestyle.

It is a holistic strategy that includes lifestyle adjustments such as nutrition and exercise. Medical professionals are thought leaders, leading practitioners, qualified from the top institutes, trained at the greatest facilities, and exceptionally knowledgeable in their disciplines. The caring support staff will ensure that you are well-informed and that your care is individualised, thorough, and convenient. The method is holistic, and it aims to get you back to your original way of life as soon as feasible.

The hospital takes care of all basic medical specialties under one roof. It is well equipped with :

  • 24 * 7 Emergency, accident, and fracture care unit
  • 3 “State of the art” operation theatres
  • Thoroughly equipped ICU
  • Medical store
  • Dialysis facility
  • Basic neonatal care unit
  • 24 * 7 Pathology laboratory
  • Physiotherapy unit
  • X Ray unit with CR system
  • Rooms to suit all classes
  • Ambulance services
  • In house canteen facility
  • Shashwat eldercare unit

You can trust yourself to be in the best of hands at Shashwat Hospital when it comes to joint replacement and orthopaedics.Modern technology, such as computer-assisted surgery, provides better results for patients due to its precision. Some of the advantages of adopting computer help include improved balance, better positioning of the prosthesis, flawless alignment, smoother knee functions, and a faster return to normalcy.

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