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What is an ENT specialist? What Does an ENT Doctor Treat?


An ENT specialist (ear, nose, and throat specialist) or an Otolaryngologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of conditions of the ears, nose, throat, and associated structures of the head and neck. 

Ear Treatment

The treatment of ear problems is the specialty of the ENT specialist. This comprises medicinal and surgical therapy for hearing problems, ear infections, balance disorders, facial nerve or cranial nerve diseases, as well as care of congenital (birth) and malignant outer and inner ear disorders.

Nose Treatment

One of the major skills of an ENT specialist is in the care of the nasal cavity and sinuses. An ENT’s field of specialty includes the management of nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, allergies, sense of smell, and nasal respiration (breathing) problems, as well as the outward look of the nose.

Throat Treatment

Expertise in addressing illnesses of the larynx (voice box) and the upper aerodigestive tract or esophagus, including problems of the voice, respiration (breathing), and swallowing, is also unique to the ENT specialty.

Head and Neck Treatment

An ENT specialist is qualified to treat infectious illnesses, tumors (both benign and malignant/cancerous), facial injuries, and facial abnormalities in the head and neck area. They conduct both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

A well-trained ENT specialist is well-versed in all of the organs and physical structures of the head and neck area. Almost all ear, nose, and throat specialists treat adenoidectomies, tonsillectomies, nosebleeds, earaches, hearing loss, dizziness, hoarseness, and sinus illness on a regular basis

An individual’s practice will be influenced by the physician’s credentials and preferences, as well as the requirements of the community. In addition to delivering the finest inpatient care, the diverse difficulties of the specialty provide for a choice of path.

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